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Create New Cards with Highlighting and Pressing the Plus (+) Key#164

Currently if you press + and then type it will search the archive for cards that you can select or give you the option to create a new card if the card you are searching for doesn’t exist, which is great.

I intuitively find myself trying to use the plus hotkey in another way that doesn’t currently work.

The suggestion is to be able to select some text so it is highlighted, of one word of a few words, and with that text highlighted then press the plus (+) key

When you do this it adds a new card to the board titled with the text you’ve highlighted or if that card already exists it loads that to the board instead.

Currently, if you highlight text on a card and press the + key, it just deletes the text.

7 months ago
Changed the title from "Creating new cards using the + key for highlighted text" to "Create New Cards with Highlighting and Pressing the Plus (+) Key"
7 months ago
Changed the status to
Planned: Next
3 months ago

Just as a confirmation I found myself attempting to do What Gary describes above and agree with his request.
My feeling is that upon highlighting and then hitting ‘+’ and if more than one ‘target’ card is available then a selection drop down should appear just as it does when typing ‘+’ followed by a term.
In this way I minimise the chance of creating unintended ‘duplicate’ cards

3 months ago