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Add Support for Local File Links#259

Implement support for opening local files from links in cards.

So, on Windows:

a year ago
Changed the status to
Under consideration
a year ago

Adding the ability to link to local files in cards is a desire for me too.

a year ago

From a safety standpoint,I think “local board” and local file linkage is useful. For me, not local machine cannot open the file is OK. Using adequate cloud strage, we can increase “local machines”.

9 months ago

Open files on local machine; PDF, Text, Video. Could then create a ‘Scrintal Assets’ folder locally.

8 months ago

I would like to add to this request the ability to insert a deep link (aka URL scheme or Cross-Application Linking) to a card. This link should point to a document inside another app (DEVONthink on a Mac in my case). This type of urls typically have URL schemes. For example, DEVONthink uses a scheme like “x-devonthink-item://“.

This would enable me to keep my card/note small and concise and have further information and/or resource stored in DEVONthink available via a link.

5 months ago

I need this feature too since I have a lot of changes to my files and don’t want to upload them all the time

4 months ago

I need this feature too!!

11 days ago