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AI Integration#283


AI is booming and many note-taking apps are now integrated with AI for either content creattion(like Notion) or auto idea connection(like, so that all the old ideas can resurface and won’t be forgotten forever). Scrintal will be much much more powerful if integrated with AI for all these functions.
Thank you.

8 days ago

I am on the fence about this. There is an aweful lot of hype around AI and some of it seems very good but I am also concerned about it for a variety of reasons which i will not go into here.

I would much rather have the option to reach out from within Scrintal to my own choice of AI and bring the results back in to scrintal if desired.. ie i definately do not want to be locked into any specific AI engine by Scrintal (or any other app for thatt matter).

use case 1: I wish to be able to invoke AI engine of my own choice from within Scrintal, perform actions and then retrieve the resultant output to be able to drop it into card at current location
usecase 2: I wish to be able to select text within a card and then use this as input to AI engine and continue as per usecase 1:

5 days ago