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Different Sort Options for Card and Board Browse Pages#306

  1. Sort by “number of links (high to low)”
  2. Sort by “number of links (low to high)”
  3. Sort by “number of in-card links (high to low)” (i.e. outgoing links)
  4. Sort by “number of in-card links (low to high)” (i.e. outgoing links)
  5. Sort by “number of backlinks (high to low)” (i.e. incoming links)
  6. Sort by “number of backlinkslinks (high to low)” (i.e. incoming links)

Use case: I would like to know “at a glance” what are my most connected cards.
(Ideally it would be a measure of “centrality” as in, which hub cards make my graph become disconnected, but having a “number of links” would already be a good help)

This helps with an overview of the whole knowledge in my archive.

a year ago