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Bug: Issue with visual linking feature on canvas view (three dots around the card)#309


Hello Scrintal Team,

I am in love with the newest update. However, I’m running into an issue with the new linking feature. I am trying to follow the prompt “Tap a card and confirm and link to it. Tap anywhere on the canvas and press ‘Create Card’ to create a new linked card.”

For some reason the system is not regestering my mouse clicks. I try to click on a card as directed and it doesnt save. I see a gui bar at the bottom of my screen with the buttons Cancel, Reverse direction (toggle), and Create New Card or Confirm. When I try to click one of those buttons it dissapears and my arrow does not stay on the card I clicked. Can you shed any light on this, or provide feedback if I am doing something wrong?

a year ago

Hi @Jgdolsen,

Thanks for reporting the problem. On a computer (or more specifically, a non-touch device), clicking on a card should create the link immediately. The bottom gui bar should contain hints of keyboard shortcuts rather than buttons. On touch devices, the interation is slighly different and requires you to first click a card, and then confirm the link by interacting with the gui bar.

Are you using a computer with touch support? Are you using the desktop app, and if not, what browser do you use?


a year ago
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