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Task Management#31

To use for any kind of planning and related tasks - need a feature to add tasks and be able to see them in a consolidated way.


  • A Project Card breaks into sub Project cards. Each sub Project card has a bunch of Tasks that need to get done.
  • Need to be able to see them as Tasks there and then rolled up to the Parent Card.
  • With due dates that can be used in searches/filters.
2 years ago

Personally I think this could be a nice to have but does this not run the risk of diluting the main focus of scrintal if it drifts into project/task management arena ? .. just a thought

I can after all setup some form of Kanban if I like using the standard cards etc. this could be supplemented with tickboxes options mentioned elsewhere so it easy to see when a sub task in a card is completed

2 years ago
Merged ToDo Functionality#176
2 years ago

Checkboxes ([]) should be enough, I can imagine having a card on my desk with todos for a particular research etc. But anything above this would make me worried about Scrintal’s loosing focus. There are many alternatives for that (I couldn’t stay with Amplenote for this).

a year ago
Merged Add a todo with future date + todo board#293
a year ago

Need to have task capability across multiple boards and a search and sort and order process (Date (due/completion, priority, importance, category (hashtag)

a year ago

Takes with alarm notification and rescheduling.

7 months ago
Changed the status to
5 months ago

As we released our Tasks feature, I’m moving this feature request to Done. If there are any specific requests in task management, you can always open a new feature request.

5 months ago

It is good that we implemented Tasks features but just for reference when you close a ticket can you please share the relevant feature documentation describing how the said feature can be used.

a month ago