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Outline Feature for Cards#404


would like to be able to OUTLINE information in a Note.

  • enter a line
  • move a line up/down
  • expand/collapse

Check out Dynalist and outher outining tool for the core functionality needed to be entered inside a note.

Outlining is a CORE feature for many popular note-taking apps

2 months ago

I am considering moving back to Roam or tana because of the ability to write and redraft in outline! - Having this would be a gamechanger for me
Toggle expand/collapse text as well as cards, would be the most helpful but if we could also use keyboard shortcuts to move outlines in cards as we type, rather than having to select, cut, copy, paste - expecially when the dragging option is glithcy and you have to wait until you finish! Thanks for consideration! 🙏🏻

23 days ago

I strongly urge the ability to to collapse cards. This is a core feature for mindmaps. It is very helpful to hide cards that are not currently relevant.

20 days ago