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I’ve evaluating an alternative to Milanote.#429

Milanote provides all that I need in visualization of notes but lacks in support of calliing deeplinks. This does not require implementing x-callback-url’s from the calling app but just recognizing that a schema other than http/s is being called. Apple shortcuts has a standard generic script action that does this for you by filling in default links and structuring the url request for you. easy, peazy! Seems to be beyond the technical capabilities to implement such a “daunting task” of the Milanote team…meh!

Please say you support CALLING something like “craftdocs://open?blockid=[guid]&spaceid=[guid]” !!! Please!!! LOL

I don’t mean to be condescending but I don’t think it would require a degree in rocket science to implement an Apple API call implemented/supported since iOS TWELVE :)

And to be ABUNDANTLY CLEAR - you do not need to implement your OWN x-callback-url schema to CALL ANOTHER APP’S SCHEMA, no URL validation required, just call and just report “unavailble” if it fails. (did I say easy, peazy yet)

9 months ago

Completely approve. I am also considering other applications for the same reason !

6 months ago