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Windowed preview of links#542

It will open up a plethora of possibilities.
For example, I can view and edit relevant files such as my Excel sheets, PowerPoint, save and interact with ChatGPT threads, and a lot more. These stored within a Board will make Scrintal truly a work desk it’s aspiring to be where everything meets at one place.

I can think of using this in many ways, like setting up a dash board where I check my emails, To-Dos, news, RSS feed, etc in the morning. And they automatically update everyday.

For this to work, I should be allowed to interact with the pages, Login and importantly stay logged in to the relevant services.
I can somewhat see this evolve into a very useful VR experience in the far future.

This feature will resolve many feature requests requesting integrations, such as Snipo, etc.

If a WebClipper or Bookmark plugin is made by Scrintal for browsers, highlights and annotations made with that plugin on Blogs and Articles should be retained and embed within the forementioned “Windowed View” while previewing them.

a month ago