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Auto-Backup with additional metadata for Obsidian integration#544

The ability to automatically backup can be more than just backups. It can bind with Obsidian. It will be very useful in cases where some sensitive information like daily journals or bank details can remain isolated and private while Scrintal can be a user-friendly daily driver.

Being a user-friendly Gateway to Obsidian, it might even attract a lot of Obsidian userbase to Scrintal, most of whom struggle with the learning curve.

Being an Obsidian user myself, power features such as DataView are rarely used by me and the trouble I go through to get it setup is HELL, starting with YAML. Scrintal exporting Metadata along with the content will be very useful to deal with my Occasional need for specialized plugins such as DataView.

Making this a Bi-way sync would help take advantage of Obsidian plugin ecosystem, such as Zotero integration, which I like.

a month ago