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Published Board not updating.#545


Published a Board quite some time ago. Since then I have made some changes, but the original URL pointing to the Board is not picking up the revised Board. Requesting that the origninal URL redirect to a new URL that will link to the revised Board content. Additionally, it would be nice the be able to view a list of all Published URL’s created along with legacy URL’s and thier redirects.

a month ago

Have you clicked “Publish” again after updating the board content?

24 days ago


Yes I did click on ‘Publish’ again. I was thinking a ‘Re-Publish’ feature would be nice after a number of Board changes were made. Please note I am running Linux with the Chromium Browser. All browser cookies are deleted, except Scrintals when I exit Chromium and this has worked out well as I don’t have to keep logging into Scrintal after exiting. Perhaps the Scrintal cookies I’m not deleating is what is keeping subsequent Publishes from regenerating a new URL or re-directing the old URL to the new content.
Thanks for your reply. Looked into allot of Note Taking apps and I like yours the best. Good luck with moving out of Beta.


21 days ago