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Plugins or Zapier integration?#546

does Scrintal have any plans to open up community plugin development? or allow Zapier integration at the least so that users can tape stuff together as per their needs

Since our workflows are made of many different apps and files, it’s crucial for a PKM tool to be able to bring them all together. An isolated PKM is such a dealbreaker painpoint.

I understand they can get too complicated to host them natively within the app, but the ability to make run automations or API calls to and from would be very beneficial.

If Zapier or Plugin development were possible, here’s how I’d use them

  1. add To-Do from my email, sync Calendars. (Zapier)

  2. Plugin: Eagle is my favorite digital asset management tool. It can preview almost all the file types one would need. I would love to see a Thumbnail of my files in Scrintal, which can be traced back to Eagle or Local Path.

        for example, a 3D model is displayed as a thumbnail in Scrintal. Upon clicking it takes you to the file's location in the Cloud(i use Onedrive to sync my Eagle files), or Local Path. That way I get to seamlessly blend my workflow with my work files, and from there I can open them in their respective apps.
          This can be achieved by making a Plugin that supports Eagle's metadata and forwarding
  3. Some niche user base, yet critical in the PKM space are Academic Researchers. With the ability to create plugins, they can integrate Zotero to manage their Research papers in within their work Board, rather than having them isolated in Zotero only. I like Obsidian for the same reason and I wish Scrintal has it too.

  4. I take a lot of handwritten notes in my classroom. I wanted to use a GPT Vision Plugin that’d OCR and transfer it to Scrintal.
    Maybe it allows handwriting on Notes and makes it searchable without converting it into text. That way, the handwritten note is retained as an image with searchable text is a hidden overlay. This allows for intuitive note taking and it registers in our mind better, helps me recall since I am the one who wrote it, compared to a purely text note.

  5. Apps like goodnotes offer audio Recording. Additional ability to Transcribe and keep it in a corner will be helpful for further processing it later, via GPT maybe.

in the home page, it says “No other apps need but we support the many”, but I see no details about any such apps.

Eagle file support:

a month ago