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Gif Animation import (drag and drop )#570

Gif fill input is very useful feature , a small animation hear and ther would make the mood light.
1) i am going to use scrintal for novel writing .
2) Gif file from movie seen and animationn is a great added feature
3) Gif file should not have border it’s free and additional option to put it inside the card.
4)for Gif data base, when select a gif a hidden card will pop out fill all the tag and meta data colour etc, then hide it .
5) option to lock gif with any text card but keep the same distance as locked , so when we move the card the gif will also moving
6) gif control :1) playing loop ,2) pause in any frame point as image .
7) resize gif
8) for dynamic look , animated arrow can be used , back link like the arrow is made out of dotes or hyphens and it move around in the direction of the arrow (feature in Sketch Wow)

a month ago

I second this, we would really love this .

a day ago