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Dynamic Time line feature#572

i am want to write along time peread novel , with time travel very complicated, so a time line feature is important , (like if i want to write full 3 season of dark searson from (netflix ) and want to see it from a top view and make sense of every thing happening , how is it posible ? time line feature is important which will help usear to create there time line in a seperate board call time line .

1) What is Dynamic time line ?

there is time line from the view point of many person , like

Static time line : where time line doesn’t change
1) omnipetent view time line
2)readers time line as the structure progressing of time line in the books

Dynamic time line : time line change depending on the point you are in in the book chooses
3) like back to the future time line keep on changing , in the bigining of the book the time keep on changing means : the card change based on the time pending we selected,

so key feature is : 1) generate a time line example 1890 March 2 ( 2am)to 2050 december 25 (9pm), select any day and time between this years and make cards ,one crusel thing is card is change: history is changing , so the same card in the different time shows different history .

You team has to brain stroke a lot to make this feature avelabl and work with usear friendly solutions. but this feature will be a highlight

a month ago

A time line feature required to orginise every thing : task, time line nover writing a over view of one topic information (the image is for final draft 13 website )

a month ago