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Inspire from : Melanote feature and work flow capability#573

1) Melanote will beat Scrintal based on Prodectavity ,
2) and Scrintal will beat Melanote because of it prcing and one time payment option.

make a list of why people like Melanote more ? brain stroke and if you crack it Scrintal will beat Melanote on prodectavity ,
1) start calling board as spacial folder,
2) card can be converted in to folder ,and folder can convert in to card and the folder still have note,and when convert folder in to card only , all the folder and card come out the the existine board.
3) Sketching capibility feature just copy inspiread by (concept app : tools )
additional featur : sketch any where and select group them and automatically a hidden card is generated in background for link and text, with tag , and note,
4) every file inport insid scrintal show have a 1.title, 2.tag ,3.notes which is hides default but can see quickly just by hovering on it and clicking twice for permanent view , clicking twice to ide it again ,
5) mode board , gif and all kind of image video formate integrated support ,
6) no need of sketch board : any space is a board is sketch , we just need tool’s , sketch can be grouped locked with care with any distance in between ,
7) little mind maping tool needed : to auto orginise cards inside board , ability to create template for customs mind maing
8) side bar folder explore navigation option , like in the top or right side or left side : board inside board , is similer to folder inside folder so that cam be represented that way in side bard explor with search bar at top it the files are in 1000 so scrollable option with only folder view and card view.

a month ago