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inspire from Lattics app, Navigation side Panel : like file explorer#575

Like Lattics app : inspire feature from this app.
1) It’s usear friendly, easy to use , no need of confusion , file explorer kind of Navigation Panel is very very important , for navigation board and cards ,
1.1) many people ask for short cut option to navigate card inside board, i think this file explorer navigation side panel , with search bar at the top will work great
1.2) you would have focus mode , : there are dotes with each board when click it turns green, additional functions to focus search in side the board , just search title ,scroll etc

2) Take notes from other cards, and build a new Document inside scrintal app.

3) A mind map “view” option a toggle button, 1)mind mapping view and 2)card view ,

25 days ago

Multi-window support, with drag-and-drop across windows, would be amazing, too.

23 days ago