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Group card and create zones in infinet board#589

Create columns is great but : some time if i have too many cards then it is defficult to manage
1) i need option to create Zones and Group ,
2) Zones are space/area rectangular with curve edge
3) Inside Zones there are group of cards in defferent colour
4) so we can have a zone called character in it there can be defferent group of character g1,g2,g3,g4…..
5) and also we can use colume inside the group or some thing , it can be usfull (personally colume is great but not that musch, user optmised feature)
6) After grouping i can edit text as usual but to move card i need to click the group then move any card out in or what ever. (out to other group so , some kind of auto fit feture is required with out deforming too much )
7) it should be simple to use that all (highly request for this feature)

2 months ago

this feature is very imp and useful so plz do vote and like so they can create

a month ago