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Table Widget Improvements#7

The following improvements would be good for table widget

  • Remove cards from table with select & backspace
  • Remove column from table with select & backspace
  • Allow tables to be resized vertically
  • Add title option to the tables
8 months ago

Yes I would like to have a title option for Tables, and then be able to link to them just like Cards and Boards

8 months ago

I would like to add the following request concerning tables: Add / Remove Rows, Embed Table within a Table, Provide ability to assign a background color to table and columns, allow a table with assigned cards to be archived, click and resize between views where you might have multiple table structures on a page, to a zoomed in view for one of those tables where you can read the cards that are embedded in it. My apologies for the request but for me the table structure provides the best overview of an area of thinking or ideas and their supportive structure. I don’t believe I have much of a need to define process flows as there is no way to automate them or assign logic to a process flow. I come from a long background in business process management, content management, and content services so I am likely spoiled by working with great commercial products that I managed in various companies during my thirty year tenure in Information Technology.

4 months ago
Changed the status to
Planned: Next
3 months ago
Changed the status to
Planned: Later
3 months ago

Any chance of being able to change the colour of columns too ?

2 months ago