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Improved board level visuals especially in zoomed out#88


I understand and 100% support the idea of minimal screen clutter and options but .. I would like to see a little more visual refinement so that I can make out more clearly what type of thing a card may be containing when a board is very zoomed out so that it helps provide more visual cues and helps create visual memory
eg more/stronger card definition, maybe different card edges/corners {square, rounded}, card icons, more card colours, slightly stronger link lines etc.

Personally the ‘Things3’ ios/osx app by cultured code is the pinnacle of user interface design, clarity and simplicity. I can think of none better! it would be great to ultimately see such levels of visual design clarity.

I think some other requests touch on some of these factors also

2 years ago

I agree w/ opinion on Things 3. Everybody dies.
Then there are ofcourse other good examples (take Craft). And ofcourse tje context of Things 3 is very different to map-/whiteboard apps ( maybe Motto and Schrinnender are better reference cases here)…
… but I concur w/ general impulse that the board view can be made a little more information-salient … though there also needs to be awareness that too much symbolizing move we will mean one loses the look-and-feel of a card-board… and I guess nobody wants that… :-)

2 years ago
Merged into More Visual Elements on Boards/Desk#81
2 years ago