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Custome Magnetic Card Alignment/arrangeement#591

It means when we make cards it’s messy and after make around 100 cards, I am not in the mood to arrange it in to order .
so I come up with a solution: magnet custom dimension, where I can give the space between cards and number wise arrangement in specific order for Alignment/arrangement like :
7,8,9 : this arrangement is manual arrangement : all card has number option fill it and in the place where we need to arrange it select custom magnet dimension fill out the space require between cards vertical and horizontal
we can also write :
4,9,8,10 : and arrange it

other method is :

1 to 9 : this will take all the cards and arrange in a straight line .

the Alignment/arrangement : my work flow is
1) write a text heading
2) cards under the heading in horizontal or vertical
so we need something to write the Alignment/arrangement number and place it under the heading so it can arrange it perfectly as i wanted

now what if this feature are also there, “ Group card and create zones in infinet board#589 “ then who can we use Custom Magnetic dimension card

for that, we need to make group and zone option

1) create a empty zone give it a name and extra option like key work capital (A or B or C ….) auto expend zone as the cards increase but still calculate and move the zone to arrange more zone
also define space between zone’s
2) create a empty group same give it a key work small (a or b or c….) auto expend group as the cards increase but still calculate and move the group to arrange inside the zone
also define space between group’s
3) cards make it and just put the code
Aa1, Aa2, Aa3
Aa4, Aa5, Aa6 : and also the card can suggest the zone and group .
moving card are simple select the group and move the cards and automatically the code will change Aa2 to Ab5 or something like that
for deferent zone and group deferent customer spacing of card can be done .

2 months ago

Hi @Arunfernandez121 thanks for this request! We are actually working on something similar to this right now. If you’re in the user community, maybe we can chat!

2 months ago